A Multi-disciplinary Perspective is Key to Successful Design.


My journey began in one of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines, where I was raised in a somewhat traditional Chinese-Filipino culture. That evolved when my parents transferred me to International School of Manila with the hopes of a better education. From there, I had the opportunity of being able to study architecture at Rhode Island School of Design. Those early years have provided me a foundation of constant exposure to different types of cultures and education. This began the broadening of my multi-disciplinary perspective.


Ever since and up to this day, I continuously strive to test my limits in all aspects of life to truly understand my own strengths and weaknesses. I value self-awareness for one does not begin to understand the world without understanding themselves first. With this, I have learned that my rationality is limited to my context. In its own natural chaotic beauty, the world has shaped me. I operate within a context that dictate my actions and decisions. With this understanding, I push the boundaries of my own context and therefore my bounded rationality. In return, I have also learned how to shape the context of others through my work.


Context is expanded through seeking different knowledge, and different disciplines. Throughout my short time on earth, I have become an athlete, an actor, a breakdancer, a fine artist, a graphic designer, a photographer, an international student, an architect, a computer programmer, and a business owner. This multi-disciplinary skillset and approach to life enables me to perceive issues and problems through a multi-valent systemic perspective. This perspective has been a crucial tool within everything I do from business to architecture. I seek a more dynamically cohesive practice that reconciles contentious issues that are inherit with current context.


To achieve true sustainability for myself and future generations. The pursuit of this vision has brought forth my manifesto: Ecological Democracy. With its true implementation, I believe Ecological Democracy has the capacity to truly bring forth a sustainable future.


Age 15

  • Started own company, Italian Restaurant Bar Dolci.

Age 17

  • Opened Bar Dolci's first store at Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifactio, Philippines

Age 19

  • Graduated High School from International School Manila

  • Left for the U.S. and entered university at Rhode Island School of Design

Age 20

  • Interned in Manila Bulletin as a graphic designer

  • Won multiple international photography awards

Age 21

  • Opened Bar Dolci's second and third store at Eastwood, Libis and Blue Bay Walk, Pasay

Age 22

  • Awarded a fellowship from Mass General Hospital and Rhode Island School of Design for innovative architectural solutions for a hospital in Kenya

  • Interned in MASS Design group as an architectural and health researcher

Age 23

  • Went to Sagam, Kenya and implement architectural designs. While there, also designed a masterplan and additional facilities such as Triage Center, Clinical Rooms, and Emergency Rooms.

Age 24

  • Completed thesis and architectural manifesto titled: "Ecological Democracy" which is an all-encompassing view for a new way of building a society

  • Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a B.Arch and B.FA

  • Went back to Manila, Philippines

  • Closed down stores of Bar Dolci to focus on Gruppo Dolci and wholesale

  • Became the Chief Operating Officer of Fabtech

Age 25

  • Designed and built own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) database software for Fabtech which monitors all aspects of the business and includes CRM, Sales, SRM, PLM, AMS, MMS, Finance, and HRIS