Multi-discipline is key to successful design.

I was born and raised in the Philippines where I studied in both a local and international school. This provided me a more diverse type of education that exposed me to different cultures and systems. This type of mindset only escalated when moving to Rhode Island School of Design for university.

From a very young age, self-awareness has always been of great importance to me. I continuously strive to test my limits in all aspects of life to understand where my strengths truly lie. The more I learn about myself and the world around me, the more I realize how intrinsically intertwined the two were. In its own chaotic natural beauty, the world has shaped me. I operate within a context that dictate my actions and decisions. Unless I expand that context, my bounded rationality would be limited.

Knowing this, I sought diversity and multiple disciplines. Throughout my short time on earth, I have become an athlete, an actor, a breakdancer, a fine artist, a graphic designer, a photographer, an international student, an architect, and a business owner. As a photographer, I have received international accolades and awards for my work. As an architect, I specialized in healthcare architecture and flew to Kenya to help design a hospital. I have also compiled a manifesto for an ideal healthcare system. As a businessman, I started a restaurant and food business at the young age of 15, which now supplies ingredients to several high-end hotels and restaurants in the Philippines. This multi-disciplinary approach to life enables me to perceive issues and problems through a multi-valent systemic perspective.

This perspective has been a crucial tool within everything I do from business to architecture. I seek a more dynamically cohesive practice that reconciles contentious issues that are inherit with current context. 

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