Unique Asset Management System

I developed FABservice as a client portal of FABpro. It is a relational database system that allows clients to keep track of their kitchen and laundry equipment investments. It can be accessed through cloud via desktop terminal, web portal, or iOS devices. FABservice has an offline version that can be synced back to FABpro, which provides access to places with no internet.


Current Issues

• Multiple contractors lead to unavoidable miscommunication and confusion as to who is responsible for equipment.

• Information turn-over to operators is limited due to communication gap and limited set of documents.

• Lack of transparency due to process and gatekeepers.

• Service is poor due to communication gap.


Our Solution

• Internally developed cloud-based database system that can be accessed via multiple platforms.

• View and track all equipment, service orders, and service quotations.

• Generate reports and service orders through the app.

• Can be accessed by multiple users using automated signatures creating a transparent network.