Overlook Terrace Playscape

Concept Exploration

This project aims to explore the concept of play defined by a built environment through a playscape. In contrast to traditional playgrounds placed on top of flat surfaces, a playscape can stimulate children in a much more dynamic way.

Main Concept: Impulse

Running is a universal means of terrestrial locomotion allowing humans and animals to rapidly move on foot. Defined as “gait” in athletic terms, running is when two feet are off the ground simultaneously, in contrast to walking where one foot is always on the ground. Running speeds can vary and also controlled. Most children play through running and it is a means of connecting them through a millenia of human history. Unfortunately, less and less children are running because of the current inactive and lethargic lifestyle, and decrease in safe available space.

My concept is to create an environment that promotes impulse and running by controlling slopes and increasing surface area. 

Final Iteration3.jpg

Advanced Studio: From Neptune to Wood Island

RISD Spring 2014

Prof. Matthew Trimble


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