Architecture of Earth

The architectural brief given was to decrease the volume of a 16” x 16” x 4” mass by 50% while simultaneously moving its centroid from the center, to 6” x 6” from the corner. .

I went through a lot of iterations and experiments before I arrived at a realized concept. At the first initial iterations, I was able to solve the parameters given. However, it did not have a set of rules that it followed, or if there were any, it was very vague. I had to focus on creating rules and a set system in which allowed me to subtract volume and move the centroid accurately. This proved to be the most challenging part of the assignment

Aside from balancing the piece in a new centroid and subtracting exactly 50% of the volume, the concept itself is revealing how I transformed it to reach that state using flow, movement and memory. The centroid for each layer is evident with the way that the lines are organized and spaced. The radiant centroid for each level created spaces and volumes that are reminiscent of Carlos Scarpa, due to the movement of the offset lines.


Architectural Design

RISD Spring 2013 

Prof. James Barnes


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